Welcome to Agrotourism Marića Gaj


Agritourism Maric Gaj is a family farm that extends over 43 hectares of land in the village of Ružići Grude in western Herzegovina. It is an ideal place for tourists who visit Medjugorje Mostar and Herzegovina and nearby Dalmatia. A special ethno ambience of a Herzegovinian village makes your holiday in Herzegovina special.
Agritourism has a capacity of 30 beds distributed in 8 rustic decorated rooms and 3 apartments which are located in two stone houses that the family Maric built in 1929 godinde and are modernly renovated in 2007.

Agrotourism Herzegovina rooms

In addition to accommodations at the agritourism there are two taverns capacity of 90 seats, which are intended for the organization of various celebrations and meetings. In the summer for the celebrations there are terrace by the pool with a capacity of 150 seats.


Additional contents on agritourism such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, volleyball court, bocce court, 3 km jogging track, strijeličarstvo, soccer field on artificial grass and paintball are available to our guests who want an active holiday. For children there is a large children’s playground and farm animals.


At the agritourism Maric Gaj big attention teaches eco-products. Vegetables, meat, olive oil, wine, homemade brandy and liqueurs, soap, tobacco and herbs are products that are organically produced on agritourism Maric Gaj. Gladly we show our guests the production process so that they can actively participate in it. Olive grove of 1000 olive trees and a wine cellar with a capacity of 15 000 liters is our pride. Family tradition has continued and now we produce wines from indigenous sorts Herzegovinian Žilavka, Blatina and Trnjak. For our guests we offer tasting of wines, spirits and liqueurs and presentation of cutting and tobacco growing.


The history of the family farm dates back to the 1920s, when from a nearby village on the estate moved Marko Maric and built a house. Illyrian and the old Christian cemetery testify about life on the farm and before family Maric. On tailor Herzegovinian soil living from agriculture cultivation of various crops and especially tobacco by whose quality stood out family Maric. From there the family nickname “Tabakovic” (tabac – eng. Tobacco). After Marko family estate takes son Stipe that the agricultural process extends to animal farming and wine production but also continues the tradition of growing tobacco. In 1993, Toni son of Stipe and his wife Zdravka opens Restaurant Kiwi. In Herzegovina and beyond stood out for exceptional quality in the hospitality industry, as guests appreciated. In 1999, Toni and Zdravka opened the first accommodation facilities and the restaurant became Motel Kiwi. Business is expanding, in 2002 opened additional rooms and expand capacity to 40 beds Kiwi Motel. Tony recognizes the trend that occurs in the world, especially in Italy and France and in 2004 began the construction and renovation of the family farm. April 8, 2007 under the name Agritourism Marića Gaj first in Bosnia and Herzegovina Family Maric opens accommodation facilities in the form of rural tourism. Guests recognize the quality of the project and the family Maric so that the agritourism Maric Gaj constantly expanding. The last apartments were opened in 2013 and for the 2015 it is planned to open a football field on artificial grass and expansion of the sports facilities. With 43 hectares of land in one piece agritourism Maric Gaj is one of the larger family estate in Herzegovina.